Zevin Evgeny

Evgeny Zevin

Evgeny Zevin

President of The Russian Academy of Arts. Academician. Born on February 23, 1947.

People’s Painter of Russia, Honored Art Worker of Russia, Member of the Moscow Union of Painters, laureate of many international prizes. Participant of the first exhibitions of renegade arts in Moscow (from 1974). Participant of various international exhibitions in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, France, USA and Japan (from 1980). Participant of Philips Bonhams and Christie’s Auctions in London. His paintings can be found in the biggest museums and galleries around Europe, USA, Israel, Canada and other countries.

In Russia his works received 1st class diplomas (1984, 1986, and 1987) and first prizes (1985, 1989) from the Art Foundation of the Moscow Union of Painters.

People’s Painter of Russia Evgeny Zevin is rightfully at the top of Russian pictorial arts. He is a partisan of bright and original school of the beginning of XX century and a master of the brush. The painter is familiar with modern tendencies. His natural curiosity, true interest in people and their creative activities and knowledge in the history of pictorial arts are amazing. There is no question that he couldn’t answer. His knowledge is not a warehouse for facts and opinions. He reflects, puts everything together and gives his opinion, always so logical and exact. His uncle Lev Zevin studied under Yu. Pen at the Vitebsk Art School, then under M. Shagal and K. Malevich at the People’s Art School and finally under R. Falk at Vkhutemas. From 1921 to 1925 Lev Zevin was a co-founding member of the famous Group 13 and represented the avant-garde art of the beginning of XX century.

Зевин Евгений

«Застой». 1978, холст, масло. 80×100

I enjoy Zevin’s paintings, — his friend, and a famous writer Fazil Iskander says. — They’re full of bright colors, emotional generosity, humor and irony. He jokes at reality without any spite and anger. It’s a rare gift. There is some mystical exactness. When the master finally reaches it his paintings give hope and let the viewers get along with their lives. I think that the most important goal of every type of art is a consolation. And Evgeny Zevin always knows how to obtain it. The immediate payment for his innovation comes in the shape of the most right and old coin called the talent.»

Besides the subject Evgeny Zevin attaches a great importance to the quality, colors, contrast and exactness. All his paintings of any kind of painting techniques are pure examples of painstaking and careful labor. Zevin pays a lot of attention to every detail trying to attain perfection. And even untutored viewers see it.

His own way, strong principles, his uncompromising opinions about painter’s designation, painting style, imaginative reflection of reality and modernity made Mr. Zevin an uncomfortable man for officials.

Зевин Евгений

«Летающий лимон». 2005, холст, масло. 70×80

From 1970s he started taking part at recusant exhibitions including home exhibitions co-initiated by Oscar Rabin. He was among demonstrators at the significant autumn manifestation in Izmailovo Park in 1974. Such activity often led him into trouble. However, his colleagues always considered Evgeny Zevin a made painter despite of any pressure from the Party. In 1974 he was accepted by the Youth Section of the Moscow Union of Painters. In 1978 he joined the Union of Painters. Such honorable and famous masters as Ivan Sorokin, Pavel Nikonovand Eduard Bragovsky sent their personal references.

After joining the Union of Painters Mr. Zevin was a Creative Workshop Director and a member of the Council for World Artistic Culture of the Moscow Union of Painters. Then he became the Vice President of Committee for Art Complexes of the Moscow Union of Painters and Vice President of the Moscow United Complex Council.

His workshop gave birth to a new generation of well-known painters. Today their paintings can be seen at the Exhibition Hall of the Russian Academy of Arts operating under the direction of Zevin.

At the end of 1980s Evgeny Zevin became a world famous painter. As the Bible said: «There is no Prophet in his own country.» Zevin was warmly welcomed in the West. His paintings were exhibited in Helsinki, Brussels, London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Edinburg, Paintings of Evgeny Zevin were published in foreign magazines and newspapers. He was called the follower and successor of Russian avant-garde traditions. Many Zevin’s paintings won success at the most noted world auctions: Philips, Bonhams and Christie’s in London.

In 1992 his works were displayed atthe British Royal Academy under the aegis of the exhibition called Painters of Russia — New Generation. In 1994 he took part in the wide exposition Examples of Soviet Art 1950-1980 at the St. Petersburg Russian Museum. Some paintings were included in the anthology with the same name and a book entitles Russian Painters ofXVIII-XX century.

The painter’s works can be found at the biggest museums and galleries in Europe, USA,
Israel, Canada and many other countries.

«I always want to wind something new and unknown, the things that no one ever tried. This is my avant-garde rush, — Zevin explains. — During these hard times I want to help people with my paintings by making their lives better, kinder, firmer and safer if you want. I’d like to support anyone spiritually and morally. The art should be a source of joy, kindness and spiritual support for people. I often receive invitation to various exhibitions. These are the foreign ones mainly. I take part in prestigious auctions. People, museums, galleries and private collections buy my paintings. But I don’t want to sell them at all hazards. On the contrary, I don’t like to give them away. I prefer to see them in my workshop. I like to stare at them and compare with those that I’ve just created. It helps in my creative research.» During his lifetime the painter took part in more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Besides his creative activity Evgeny Zevin is one of the founders of the Russian Academy of Arts. He is also Vice President of the Academy holding this position from the very beginning. He strives to have part in every event arranged by the Academy.

This is undoubtedly an example of professional mastership and significance of one of the modern painter, which could reflect essential features of our time in his masterpieces.

Зевин Евгений

«Натюрморт с гранатом». 2010. холст, масло. 60×50