Nikolai Petrov
President, Russian Academy of Fine Arts
People’s Artist of the USSR
Laureate, State Prize of Russia
(Article from the 2006 catalogue Evgeny Zevin)

It seems to me that music and painting are intimately connected with each other.

Sometimes when you listen to good music, pictures from your life or fantastic images flash before your eyes. And when you look at a landscape painting or portrait, a melody begins sounding in your head.

In my view, the music in Evgeny Zevin’s paintings is always bright and life-affirming. Even a person far removed from avantgarde painting can’t help but feel the great and sincere warmth emanating from his works. His paintings are always visually attractive and resonant in their colors; they’re as many-layered and multi-faceted as life itself.

I find Evgeny Zevin’s passion, optimism and endless faith in mankind to be extraordinary. I’m very glad that he continues to be filled with creative plans colored in the brightest and most life-affirming hues.

When we examine his canvases attentively we find works that encompass a broad spectrum of moral, spiritual and philosophical problems, works that respond to our most cherished desires. We discover an artist for ourselves.